The School of Atmospheric Sciences (SAS) serves as a primary talent cultivation base for atmospheric fundamental research and application in China. It sets up two undergraduate programs including Atmospheric Sciences and Applied Meteorology, and enrolls nearly 100 undergraduates annually. The arrival rate of primary distribution for undergraduates is over 95 percent.

SAS follows the idea of 'widening foundation, strengthening practice, emphasizing innovation and broadening visions', constructs modern teaching system for atmospheric sciences, and adheres to the 'fundamental and applied' talent cultivation model to foster high-quality and innovative top-notch talents in atmospheric sciences.

● SAS constantly revises and reforms the curriculum system follwing the development tendency of the discipline and the cultivation idea of 'widening foundation'.

● With professors playing a leading role in the teaching staff, SAS has built a high-level teaching echelon for foundation courses.

● SAS has built the brand specialized foundation courses of atmospheric sciences by taking the construction of the National Excellent Courses as the demonstration.

● To meet the need of national weather service and base on 'strengthening practice', SAS has built a 'three in one' practice-teaching system, namely, 'school-based practice + off-campus industry-university-research base practice + field practice'.

● Following the idea of 'emphasizing innovation', SAS has formed an innovative model for cultivation of two kinds of talents and an innovative and research-based talent training system.

● SAS stresses building of modern teaching conditions so as to offer superior hardware support for talent cultivation.

● SAS actively holds various on-campus activities to achieve all-round development of students.

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