In recent years, the School of Atmospheric Sciences has presided over or undertaken over 100 national scientific research programs, including 973 Program of Ministry of Science and Technology, Major Scientific Program of Global Change, 7 programs of National Key R&D Program of China and over 20 corresponding projects, and nearly 10 key programs of National Natural Science Foundation of China .

Major Ongoing Programs

National Key R&D Program of China

Prof. Aijun Ding, 2016-2021, Integrated Multi-Platform Observation Study for Air Pollution Complex in East China (iMAPEC)

Prof. Zhemin Tan, 2018-2022, Key Dynamic and Thermodynamic Processes and Prediction for the Evolution of Typhoon Intensity and Structure

Prof. Xiuqun Yang, 2018-2021, Study of Mechanism and Prediction Method for Climate Variability on 30-90-Day Time Scales

Prof. Yuan Wang, 2018-2021, Study on Mechanism and Forecasting of Local Heavy Rainfall in North China

National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Program of Creative Research Groups

Prof. Xiuqun Yang, 2018-2021, Dynamics of the East Asian Climate Variability

NSFC Program of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars

Prof. Aijun Ding, 2018-2022, Interactions Between Physical and Chemical Processes of Air Pollution

NSFC Major Research Programs - Key Support Project

Prof. Aijun Ding, 2016-2019, Study on the Air Pollution - Planetary Boundary Layer Interactions in a Typical City in the Yangtze River Delta

Prof. Tijian Wang, 2016-2019, Vertical Distribution, Chemical Couplingand Weather Impact of Fine Particle and Ozone in Yangzte River Delta

Prof. Minghuai Wang, 2018-2021, The Role of Aerosol-Weather/Climate Interactions on Winter Servere Haze Pollutions in China

Prof. Yuan Wang, 2019-2022, The Study on the Dynamics of Mesoscale and Smallscale Orography over the Tibetan Plateau

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