High-Performance Computing

As science and technology have been growing rapidly, the numerical simulation technology has become one of the essential means for scientific experiment and research, especially for the discipline of atmospheric science where computational methods are by no means ignored. For this reason, the School of Atmospheric Sciences (SAS) invested 6.5 million yuan in constructing the infrastructure of High-Performance Computing and Mass Data Center in Xianlin Campus in 2013. Covering an area of about 300 square meters, this data center can provide a double-circuit power supply of about 1800 kW, 3 cold pools and 59 cabinets. Served as the infrastructure for teaching and scientific research purposes in SAS, the center has the proper environment that meets the national standards, equipped with precision air conditioning system, fresh air system, exhaust system, lightning protection and grounding system, UPS power supply and distribution system, power environment monitoring system, fire monitor alarm system and automatic gas fire-extinguishing system, etc.

At present, there are about 600 computing and storage servers running in the center, the totle computer power is about 90 TFlops with mass storage close to 20PB.

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