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The Meteorological Observatory of Nanjing University

The Meteorological Observatory of Nanjing University is located on the fifth floor of the Teaching Labs Building on Xianlin Campus and is developed from the former weather forecast training station for the School of Atmospheric Sciences, which had made important contributions in meteorological teaching, research, personnel training, and talent cultivation since its establishment. In 2007, in view of the progress achieved in meteorological sciences and information technologies, Nanjing University and the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) invested more than 3 million yuan to renovate the station into a modernized meteorological observatory with better facilities for meteorological training and teaching. It has served as an educational platform of provincial-level weather observatories for future weather forecasters since it was unveiled by former President Jun Chen of Nanjing University and Deputy Administrator Meiyan Jiao of China Meteorological Administration (CMA) on April 9, 2010. The Meteorological Observatory of Nanjing University is designed to be an on-campus base for talent cultivation, scientific research, and personnel training. The three main functions provided by the observatory include the real-time display of China's weather conditions, interactive teaching, and remote video conference with the CMA.

The Meteorological Observatory consists of four rooms that cover a floor space of nearly 800 square meters, which are the Meteorological Information Collection & Processing Lab, the Remote Weather Forecasting Video Conference Hall, the Integrated Analysis Forecasting Lab, and the Weather Charts Analysis Lab.

Facilities of the Meteorological Observatory include a CMACast Satellite Broadcast receiving system, eight pieces of Mitsubishi DLP Display Wall, two MICAPS4.0 servers, a digital photocopier, an IDB interactive numerical platform, a central control system, two projectors, two interactive writing screens, and 100 desktops, two colorful paint-on-glass maps, 8 network switches, 8 large screen liquid-crystal displays and a paperless conference system, an audio amplifying system and a DLP rear projection system.

Curricula currently available in the observatory include Weather Analysis and Forecast, Meteorological Experiments, Computational Method, Programming with C Language, Programming with Fortran Language, Statistical Weather Prediction, Numerical Weather Prediction, Radar Meteorology, Satellite Meteorology, High-Performance Server Technique, Fundamentals of Modern Climatology, etc.

The Remote Weather Forecasting Video Conference Hall is open to the public every Tuesday and Thursday and the Weather Charts Analysis Lab, every Monday and Wednesday afternoon. Teachers and students are welcomed during the open hours. A temporary opening can also be arranged for special occasions, or if there are noticeable weather conditions.

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