The School of Atmospheric Sciences (SAS) has A-level discipline "Atmospheric Sciences" for doctoral degree-granting and includes three graduate programs: Meteorology, Atmospheric Physics and Atmospheric Environment, and Climate System and Climate Change. SAS recruits 35-40 master students and 30-35 doctoral students annually.

The talent cultivation model, featuring "integration of professional proficiency with quality education, of imparting knowledge with fostering ability, of teaching with scientific research", has been serving as the specific goal for SAS to foster graduate students and reform teaching. After many years of practice, the school has placed emphasis on nurturing all-around graduate talents, emphasizing the overall quality education by penetrating morality, mentality, humanity and scientific quality into the disciplinary and professional training, and developing their social responsibility and scientific enterprise; stressing the dialectical unity of knowledge acquisition and ability training, emphasizing on fostering their ability to obtain and construct knowledge and ability to judge, research, innovate and coordinate; with first-class scientific research, the school pays attention to the penetration of scientific research into teaching, and guides the students, through teaching and research training, to get the scientific learning, thinking and research methods, to link theory with practice and to develop the habit of exploring the unknown and innovating knowledge.

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