Jun Ge

Research Scientist

Office: A504


2017.11-2019.03: University of New South Wales, Joint Ph.D. student

2016.09-2019.12: Nanjing University, Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science

2013.09-2016.07: Northwest Institute of Eco-Environment and Resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences, M.Sc. in Meteorology

2009.09-2013.06: Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology, B.Sc. in Atmospheric Science


2020.04-present: Nanjing University, Research Scientist

Research Interest

Terrestrial ecosystem-climate interations

Impacts of land use and land cover changes on climate

Regional climate modeling

Selected Publications

* indicates as a corresponding author, and the underline indicates the supervised student

[14] Ge, J., Huang, X., Zan, B. L., Qiu, B., Cao, Y. P. and Guo, W. D. Local surface cooling from afforestation amplified by lower aerosol pollution, Nature Geoscience, 16, 781788 (2023). (Nature Research Highlights; Nature Geoscience News & Views)

[13] Luo, X., Ge, J.*, Guo, W. D., Cao, Y. P., Liu, Y., Chen, C. R. and Yang, L. M. An evaluation of CMIP6 models in representing the biophysical effects of deforestation with satellite-based observations, Journal of Geophysical ResearchAtmospheres, 128(12), e2022JD038198 (2023).

[12] Liu, Y., Ge, J.*, Guo, W. D.*, Cao, Y. P., Chen, C. R., Luo, X., Yang, L. M. and Wang, S. Y. Revisiting biophysical impacts of greening on precipitation over the Loess Plateau of China using WRF with water vapor tracers. Geophysical Research Letters, 50(8), e2023GL102809 (2023). (Eos Editor's Highlight)

[11] Ge, J.#, Liu, Q.#, Zan, B. L., Lin, Z. Q., Lu, S., Qiu, B. and Guo, W. D. Deforestation intensifies daily temperature variability in the northern extratropics. Nature Communications, 13, 5955 (2022).

[10] Chen, C. R., Ge, J.*, Guo, W. D., Cao, Y. P., Liu, Y., Luo, X. and Yang L. M. The biophysical  impacts of idealized afforestation on surface temperature in China: the local and nonlocal effects. Journal of Climate, 35(23), 42334252 (2022).

[9] Luo, X., Ge, J.*, Guo, W. D., Fan, L., Chen, C. R., Liu, Y. and Yang, L. M. The biophysical  impacts of deforestation on precipitation: results from the CMIP6 model intercomparison. Journal of Climate, 35(11), 32933311 (2022).

[8] Ge, J., Qiu, B., Chu, B. W., Li, D. Z. T., Jiang, L. L., Zhou, W. D., Tang, J. P. and Guo, W. D. Evaluation of coupled regional climate models in representing the local  biophysical effects of afforestation over continental China. Journal of Climate, 34(24), 98799898 (2021).

[7] Ge, J., Qiu, B., Wu, R. Q., Cao, Y. P., Zhou, W. D., Guo, W. D. and Tang, J. P. Does dynamic downscaling modify the projected impacts of stabilized 1.5 and 2 ℃ warming on hot extremes over China? Geophysical Research Letters, 48(6), e2021GL092792 (2021).

[6] Ge, J., Pitman, A. J., Guo, W. D., Zan, B. L. and Fu, C. B. Impact of revegetation of the Loess Plateau of China on the regional growing season water balance. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 24(2), 515533 (2020). (ESI Highly Cited Paper; Nature News in Focus)

[5] Qiu, B.*, Ge, J.*, Guo, W. D., Pitman, A. J. and Mu, M. Y. Responses of Australian dryland vegetation to the 2019 heat waves at a subdaily scale. Geophysical Research Letters, 47(4),  e2019GL086569 (2020).

[4] Ge, J., Guo, W. D., Pitman, A. J., De Kauwe, M. G., Chen, X. L. and Fu, C. B. The non-radiative effect dominates local surface temperature change caused by afforestation in China. Journal of Climate, 32(14), 44454471 (2019).

[3] Ge, J., Pitman, A. J., Guo, W. D., Wang, S. Y. and Fu, C. B. Do uncertainties in the reconstruction of land cover affect the simulation of air temperature  and rainfall in the CORDEX region of East Asia? Journal of Geophysical ResearchAtmospheres, 124(7), 36473670 (2019).

[2] Ge, J., Yu, Y., Xie, J. and Zan, B. L. A study on responses of surface energy partitioning to climatic factors on two types of underlying surface over Qinghai-Xizang Plateau. Chinese Journal of Atmospheric Sciences (in Chinese), 41(5), 918932 (2017).

[1] Ge, J., Yu, Y., Li, Z. C., Xie, J., Liu, C. and Zan, B. L. Impacts of freeze/thaw processes on land surface energy fluxes in the permafrost region of Qinghai-Xizang Plateau. Plateau Meteorology (in Chinese), 35(3), 608620 (2016).

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