Xin Miao

Postdoctoral Researcher

Office: B514

 •Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences - 2022 - Nanjing University
 •B.Sc. in Atmospheric Sciences - 2017 - Nanjing University
 2023.01 - presentPostdoctoral Researcher, Nanjing University
Research Interests

  Land-atmosphere Interactions, Regional Climate Modeling, Snow Model

Selected Publications
 1.Miao, X., Guo, W., Qiu, B., Lu, S., Zhang, Y., Xue, Y., & Sun, S. (2022). Accounting for topographic effects on snow cover fraction and surface albedo simulations over the Tibetan Plateau in winter. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 14(8), e2022MS003035.

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