Xin Huang

Associate Professor
Office: A415

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Career Overview

Dr. Xin Huang joined School of Atmospheric Sciences of Nanjing University in 2014 after she got her Ph.D. degree at Peking University, and then was appointed associate professor in 2017. Her research focuses on high-resolution emission inventory development, air quality modeling and aerosol-climate interaction. Based on a multidisciplinary approach, Dr. Xin Huang (1) established high temporal/spatial resolution emission inventories of agriculture pollutants; 2) improved the simulation of secondary aerosol in China; 3) investigated the feedback mechanisms of biomass burning, anthropogenic black carbon and dust with weather and climate. She has published about 50 papers in international journals, in the field of earth and environmental sciences, which have been cited more than 1,500 times. 5 of them are ESI highly cited paper. Her research was reported by ScienceNews, Nature China, and many other news media.

 2014Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences Peking University
 2009B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences and Engineering – 2009 – Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Work Experience
 2017 - currentAssociate Professor, Nanjing University
 2014 - 2017Research Scientist, Nanjing University
Research Interests

   Aerosol-climate interaction
   Atmospheric chemistry
   Emission inventory

Teaching Interests

   Air pollution
   Atmospheric chemistry
   Chemical transport model

Selected Publications
 1.Huang X, et al. Effects of aerosol-radiation interaction on precipitation during biomass-burning season in East China. Atmos Chem Phys 16, 10063-10082 (2016).
 2.Huang X, Li M, Friedli HR, Song Y, Chang D, Zhu L. Mercury Emissions from Biomass Burning in China. Environ Sci Technol 45, 9442-9448 (2011).
 3.Huang X, Li M, Li J, Song Y. A high-resolution emission inventory of crop burning in fields in China based on MODIS Thermal Anomalies/Fire products. Atmos Environ 50, 9-15 (2012).
 4.Huang X, et al. A high-resolution ammonia emission inventory in China. Global Biogeochem Cy 26,  (2012)
 5.Huang X, Song Y, Li M, Li J, Zhu T. Harvest season, high polluted season in East China. Environ Res Lett 7,  (2012).
 6.Huang X, Song Y, Zhao C, Cai X, Zhang H, Zhu T. Direct Radiative Effect by Multicomponent Aerosol over China. J Climate 28, 3472-3495 (2015).
 7.Huang X, et al. Pathways of sulfate enhancement by natural and anthropogenic mineral aerosols in China. J Geophys Res Atmos 119, 14165-14179 (2014).
 8.Huang X, Wang ZL, Ding AJ. Impact of Aerosol-PBL Interaction on Haze Pollution: Multiyear Observational Evidences in North China. Geophys Res Lett 45, 8596-8603 (2018).
 9.Huang X, et al. Comprehensive modelling study on observed new particle formation at the SORPES station in Nanjing, China. Atmos Chem Phys,  (2016)
 10.Ding A, Huang X, et al. Enhanced haze pollution by black carbon in megacities in China. Geophys Res Lett 43, 2873-2879 (2016).
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