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Career Overview

Prof. Congbin Fu, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Foreign member of Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters, Honorary Doctorate of the University of Gothenburg and world well-known climatologist, has been working in School of Atmospheric Sciences at Nanjing University since 2009. He directs the Institute for Climate and Global Change Research (ICGCR) and the Collaborative Innovation Center of Climate Change of Jiangsu Province. Prof. Fu is one of the Chinese scientists in initiating the international program on Global Change Research and has accomplished a number of academic achievements. He is the first one who proposed the theory and method in differentiating the El Nino patterns based on the zonal sea surface temperature profile in the Equatorial Pacific, which is also well known as 'Fu D-F profile'. He is the first one who discover the impacts of large-scale human-induced land cover change on Asia monsoon.

Prof. Fu has initiated and directed the regional model intercomparison project (RMIP) for Asia. He is one of the main instruments in the establishment of the Monsoon Asia Integrated Regional Studies (MAIRS), the first regional project of ESSP. He has published 11 books and more than 280 papers in peer-reviewed journals. For his distinguished contribution to climate science, Prof. Fu had won a series of awards, including China's State Natural Sciences Award (the 2nd Class Award) and several outstanding research awards of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

 1962-1967Graduate program in Climatology: air-sea interaction study - Institute of Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
 1957-1962 Undergraduate program in Climatology - Nanjing University
Work Experience
 2009-Professor, School of Atmospheric Sciences, Nanjing University
 1978-2008Researcher, Key Laboratory of Regional Climate-Environment for Temperate East Asia (RCE-TEA), Institute of Atmospheric Physics, CAS
 1968-1978Researcher, Institute of Geography, CAS
 1991-1992Visiting scholar, National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration
 1981-1983Visiting scholar, University of Colorado
Research Interests

   Air-sea-land interaction
   Multiple scale variability of Monsoon climate and abrupt climate change
   Aridity trend in Northern China
   Development of regional climate and earth system models
   Integrated  observation and experiment of earth system process
   Global change and human impact/adaptation

Teaching Interests

   Global change
   Climate system change

 1982Second Prize for Major Scientific and Technological Achievements of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
 1991Zhou Peiyuan Special Award for International Science and Technology Exchange
 1994Third Prize of Natural Science of Chinese Academy of Sciences
 2004National Natural Science Award (second class)
Honors and Positions
 1990-2018Member of ICCL/IAMAS/IUGG
 1990-1996Scientific Committee Member of IGBP
 1995-2008Member of Scientific Planning Group of ANP (Asian-Pacific Network for Global Change Research)
Director of START Regional Center for Temperate East Asia
 1998-2002Scientific Committee Member of GAIM/IGBP
 1996-2003Vice President of Pacific Science Association
 2003Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences
 2005-2009Member of AAMP (Asia and Australia Monsoon Panel)
 2005Member of CEOP II ITTP
 2005-2011Executive member of ICSU (International Council of Scientific Unions)
 2006-2010Vice President of CAST (China Association for Science and Technology)
 2007Honorary Doctorate of University of Gothenburg
 2007-2011President of Pacific Science Association
 2007-2013Chair of Scientific Committee Member of MAIRS (Monsoon Asia Integrated Regional Study)
 2009Hong Kong Polytechnic University Outstanding Chinese Visiting Scholars Award
Director of ICGCR (Institute of Climate and Global Change Research), Nanjing University
 2009-2017Chair of Academic Committee for RCE-TEA (Key Laboratory of Regional Climate-Environment for Temperate East Asia), Chinese Academy of Sciences
 2013Director of CICCC (Jiangsu Collaborative Innovation Center of Climate Change)
 2014Member of Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters
 2015-Co-chair of Scientific Committee for Joint International Research Laboratory of Atmospheric and Earth System Sciences (JirLATEST)
Member of the Academic Committee of Nanjing University
 2016-Member of International Cooperation Department for Science and Technology Commission of Ministry of Education
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