Jiabei FANG

Associate Professor


Career Overview

Dr. Fang is mainly engaged in the research on the dynamics of air-sea interaction and climate prediction. She has successively presided over and participated in more than 10 national scientific research projects, and has published nearly 40 papers. In 2006, she won the first prize of the Natural Science Award of the Ministry of Education for Science and Technology in Higher Education. Director of the national first-class undergraduate course Geophysical Fluid Dynamics. She has made innovative achievements in the dynamics of midlatitude ocean-atmosphere interaction. Through systematic observation, simulation, and theoretical research, a theory of midlatitude unstable air-sea interaction including atmospheric transient eddy feedback has been established. This theory reveals the transient forcing path of midlatitude sea temperature anomalies affecting the atmosphere, proposes a positive feedback mechanism for midlatitude ocean-atmosphere interaction, explains the causes of the development and maintenance of decadal anomalies in the midlatitude sea-air system, depicts the physical image of midlatitude unstable sea-air interaction, and provides an important dynamic basis for understanding the causes and prediction of climate variability in the middle latitudes.

 Mar(2006)Ph.D. Meteorology – Nanjing University
 Jul (2001)B.Sc. Meteorology – Nanjing University
Work Experience
 Dec. 2008 - presentSchool of Atmospheric Sciences, Nanjing University
Nanjing, China
Associate Professor
 Apr. 2006 - Dec. 2008School of Atmospheric Sciences, Nanjing University
Nanjing, China
 May. 2012 - Apr. 2013Department of Meteorology, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA
Visiting Scientist
Research Interests

   Ocean-atmosphere interaction; Climate dynamics; Atmospheric intra-seasonal oscillation

Teaching Interests

   Fluid Mechanics; Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

Selected Publications
 1.Jiabei Fang, Lilan Chen, Xiu-Qun Yang*, 2022, Roles of vertical distributions of atmospheric transient eddy dynamical forcing and diabatic heating in midlatitude unstable air–sea   interaction. Climate Dynamics, 58(1), 351-368.
 2.Tao, L., J. Fang*, X.-Q. Yang*, X. Sun, & D. Cai, 2022, Midwinter Reversal of the Atmospheric Anomalies Caused by the North Pacific Mode-Related Air-Sea Coupling, Geophys. Res. Lett., 49(20), e2022GL100307, doi:10.1029/2022GL100307.
 3.Nie Jun, Jiabei Fang*, Xiu-Qun Yang, 2022, The mechanisms of the subseasonal zonal oscillation of the western Pacific subtropical high in 10–25-day period and 25–50-day period. Climate Dynamics, online.
 4.Lilan Chen, Jiabei Fang*, Xiu-Qun Yang*, Midlatitude unstable air‑sea interaction with atmospheric transient eddy dynamical forcing in an analytical coupled model. Climate Dynamics, 2020, 55:2557–2577.
 5.Ran Zhang, Jiabei Fang*, Xiu-Qun Yang*, What Kinds of Atmospheric Anomalies Drive Wintertime North Pacific Basin-Scale Subtropical Oceanic Front Intensity Variation? J. Climate, 2020, 33 (16): 7011–7026.
 6.Lingfeng Tao, Xiu-Qun Yang*, Jiabei Fang*, Xuguang Sun, PDO-Related Wintertime Atmospheric Anomalies over the Midlatitude North Pacific: Local versus Remote SST Forcing. J. Climate, 2020, 33 (16): 6989-7010.
 7.Jiabei Fang, Xiuqun Yang*, 2016, Structure and dynamics of decadal anomalies in the wintertime midlatitude North Pacific ocean-atmosphere system. Climate Dynamics, 47: 1989-2007.
 8.Jia-bei FANG, Xiu-qun YANG, 2011, The Relative Roles of Different Physical Processes in the Unstable Midlatitude Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions. Journal of Climate, 24(5), 1542-1558.
 9.FANG Jiabei, RONG Xinyao, and YANG Xiuqun, Decadal-to-interdecadal response and adjustment of the North Pacific to prescribed surface forcing in an oceanic general circulation model. ACTA OCEANOLOGICA SINICA, 2006, 25(3): 11-24.
 10.Fang Jiabei and Yang Xiuqun, The Role of Meridional Wind Stress in the Tropical Unstable Air-Sea Interaction. Journal of Tropical Meteorology, 2003, 9(1): 95-104.
 11.Sang, X., Yang, X.-Q.*, Tao, L., Fang, J., Sun, X. Evaluation of synoptic eddy activities and their feedback onto the midlatitude jet in five atmospheric reanalyses with coarse versus fine model resolutions. Climate Dynamics,2022, 58, 1363-1381.
 12.Xiaozhuo Sang, Xiu‑Qun Yang, Lingfeng Tao, Jiabei Fang, Xuguang Sun, Decadal changes of wintertime poleward heat and moisture transport associated with the amplified Arctic warming. Journal of Climate, 2022, 58, pages 137–159.
 13.Haibo Hu*, Rongrong Wang, Fei Liu, William Perrie, Jiabei Fang, Haokun Bai, Cumulative positive contributions of propagating MJO to the quick low-level atmospheric response during El Niño developing years, Climate Dynamics, 2022, 58, 569–590.
 14.Hu Haibo*, Deng Yuheng, Fang Jiabei, Wang Rongrong, Mechanism of regional subseasonal precipitation in the extreme strong and weak years of East Asian summer monsoon subseasonal variation, Journal of Ocean University of China. 2022, 6, 1411-1427.
 15.Tianyi Wang, Xiu-Qun Yang*, Jiabei Fang, Xuguang Sun, Xuejuan Ren,Role of air-sea interaction in the 30–60 day boreal summer intraseasonal oscillation over western North Pacific. J. Climate, 2018, 31, 1653-1680.
 16.Liying Wang, Xiu-Qun Yang, Dejian Yang, Qian Xie, Jiabei Fang, Xuguang Sun, 2017, Two typical modes in the variabilities of wintertime North Pacific basin-scale oceanic fronts and associated atmospheric eddy-driven jet, Atmospheric Science Letters, 18: 373–380.
 17.Yang, D., Yang, X.-Q., Ye, D., Sun, X., Fang, J., Chu, C., et al., On the relationship between probabilistic and deterministic skills in dynamical seasonal climate prediction. JGR-A, 2018, 123, 5261–5283.
 18.Qing Jin, Xiu-qun Yang*, Xu-guang Sun, Jia-bei Fang, East Asian summer monsoon circulation structure controlled by feedback of condensational heating. Climate Dynamics, 2013, 41, 1885-1897.
 19.WANG Wei-ping, YANG Xiu-qun*, XIE Yi-jun, ZOU Yong-chang, FANG Jia-bei, XIE Qian, Spatio-temporal variation of seasonal extreme wet days in China and its relationship with SST anomalies, Journal of Tropical Meteorology, 2012, 18(4): 485-493.
 20.ZHANG Ling-ling, YANG Xiu-qun*, XIE Qian, FANG Jia-bei, Global atmospheric seasonal-mean heating: Diabatic versus transient heating, Journal of Tropical Meteorology. 2012, 18(4): 494-502.
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