Yunfan Liu

Research Scientist



   Ph.D. in Chemistry – 2021 – Mainz University
   M.Sc. in Atmospheric Physics and Atmospheric Environment – 2016 – Nanjing University
   B.Sc. in Atmospheric Sciences – 2013 – Nanjing University


   Postdoc researcher, Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, 2021-2022

Research Interests

   Aerosol-cloud interactions

Selected Publications

Liu, Y., Su, H., Wang, S., Wei, C., Tao, W., Pöhlker, M. L., Pöhlker, C., Holanda, B. A., Krüger, O. O., Hoffmann, T., Wendisch, M., Artaxo, P., Pöschl, U., Andreae, M. O., & Cheng, Y. Strong particle production and condensational growth in the upper troposphere sustained by biogenic VOCs from the canopy of the Amazon Basin.

Liu, L. X., Cheng, Y. F., Wang, S. W., Wei, C., Pohlker, M. L., Pohlker, C., Artaxo, P., Shrivastava, M., Andreae, M. O., Poschl, U., & Su, H. (2020). Impact of biomass burning aerosols on radiation, clouds, and precipitation over the Amazon: relative importance of aerosol-cloud and aerosol-radiation interactions. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 20(21), 13283-13301.

Tao, W., Su, H., Zheng, G. J., Wang, J. D., Wei, C., Liu, L. X., Ma, N., Li, M., Zhang, Q., Poschl, U., & Cheng, Y. F. (2020). Aerosol pH and chemical regimes of sulfate formation in aerosol water during winter haze in the North China Plain. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 20(20), 11729-11746.

Xu, Z. N., Huang, X., Nie, W., Shen, Y. C., Zheng, L. F., Xie, Y. N., Wang, T. Y., Ding, K., Liu, L. X., Zhou, D. R., Qi, X. M., & Ding, A. J. (2018). Impact of Biomass Burning and Vertical Mixing of Residual-Layer Aged Plumes on Ozone in the Yangtze River Delta, China: A Tethered-Balloon Measurement and Modeling Study of a Multiday Ozone Episode. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, 123(20), 11786-11803.

Zhou, D. R., Ding, K., Huang, X., Liu, L. X., Liu, Q., Xu, Z. N., Jiang, F., Fu, C. B., & Ding, A. J. (2018). Transport, mixing and feedback of dust, biomass burning and anthropogenic pollutants in eastern Asia: a case study. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 18(22), 16345-16361.

Liu, L. X., Huang, X., Ding, A. J., & Fu, C. B. (2016). Dust-induced radiative feedbacks in north China: A dust storm episode modeling study using WRF-Chem. Atmospheric Environment, 129, 43-54.

Huang, X., Ding, A. J., Liu, L. X., Liu, Q., Ding, K., Niu, X. R., Nie, W., Xu, Z., Chi, X. G., Wang, M. H., Sun, J. N., Guo, W. D., & Fu, C. B. (2016). Effects of aerosol-radiation interaction on precipitation during biomass-burning season in East China. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 16(15), 10063-10082.

Zhang, Y., Ding, A. J., Mao, H. T., Nie, W., Zhou, D. R., Liu, L. X., Huang, X., & Fu, C. B. (2016). Impact of synoptic weather patterns and inter-decadal climate variability on air quality in the North China Plain during 1980-2013. Atmospheric Environment, 124, 119-128.

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