Ximeng Qi

Research Scientist




Ph.D.  Nanjing University  Atmospheric Sciences


B.Sc.  Nanjing University  Atmospheric Sciences
Work Experience


Nanjing University

School of Atmospheric Sciences

Joint International Research Laboratory of Atmospheric and Earth System Sciences

Research Scientist


Univeristy of Helsinki

Faculty of Science

Insititute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research/Physics

Joint PhD. student

      Research Interests

                                Particle number size distribution

                                New particle formation

                                Aerosol-cloud interaction

                                Air pollution

                                Climate change 

      Teaching Interests

                               Atmospheric chemistry and physics

Selected Publications


Lai, S., Huang, X.*, Qi, X.*, Chen, L., Ren, C., Wang, Z., Wang, J., Lou, S., Chi, X., Gao, Y., Hai, S., Petäjä, T., Kerminen, V.-M., Kulmala, M., and Ding, A.: Vigorous New Particle Formation Above Polluted Boundary Layer in the North China Plain, 49, e2022GL100301, 2022.


Chen, L. D., Qi, X. M.*, Nie, W., Wang, J. P., Xu, Z., Wang, T. Y., Liu, Y. L., Shen, Y. C., Xu, Z. N., Kokkonen, T. V., Chi, X. G., Aalto, P. P., Paasonen, P., Kerminen, V. M., Petaja, T., Kulmala, M., and Ding, A. J.: Cluster Analysis of Submicron Particle Number Size Distributions at the SORPES Station in the Yangtze River Delta of East China, J. Geophys. Res.-Atmos., 126, e2020JD034004, 10.1029/2020JD034004, 2021.


Xu, R., Qi, X.*, Dai, G., Lin, H., Zhai, P., Zhu, C., Wang, L., and Ding, A.: A Comparison Study of Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality in Nanjing, China, Aerosol and Air Quality Research, 20, 2128-2141, 10.4209/aaqr.2019.10.0496, 2020.


Qi, X. M.*, Ding, A. J., Nie, W., Chi, X. G., Huang, X., Xu, Z., Wang, T. Y., Wang, Z. L., Wang, J. P., Sun, P., Zhang, Q., Huo, J. T., Wang, D. F., Bian, Q. G., Zhou, L., Zhang, Q., Ning, Z., Fei, D. N., Xiu, G. L., and Fu, Q. Y.: Direct measurement of new particle formation based on tethered aitship around the top of the planetary boundary layer in eastern China, under review in Atmospheric Environment, 2019.


Qi, X. M., Ding, A. J.*, Roldin, P., Xu, Z. N., Zhou, P. T., Sarnela, N., Nie, W., Huang, X., Rusanen, A., Ehn, M., Rissanen, M. P., Petäjä, T., Kulmala, M. and Boy, M.: Modelling studies of HOM and its contributions to growth of new particles: comparison of boreal forest in Finland and polluted environment in China, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 18, 11779-11791, 2018.


Qi, X. M., Ding, A. J.*, Nie, W., Petäjä, T., Kerminen, V-M., Herrmann, E., Xie, Y. N., Zheng, L. F., Manninen, H., Aalto, P., Sun, J. N., Xu, Z. N., Chi, X. G., Huang, X., Boy, M., Virkkula, A., Yang, X.-Q., Fu, C. B., and Kulmala, M.: Aerosol size distribution and new particle formation in the western Yangtze River Delta of China: 2 years of measurements at the SORPES station, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 15, 12445-12464, 2015..
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