Yawen LIU

Research Scientist


Career Overview

My research interest focuses on aerosol-cloud-radiation interaction. During the Ph.D., I worked on biomass burning aerosols including their variation characteristics and radiative effects. I am currently working on analyzing the long-term trend of aerosols and radiation by combining observations and model simulations.


         Jan. 2016-Dec.2019             Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, visiting student

 Sep. 2012-Jun. 2018Nanjing University Ph.D. of atmospheric sciences.
 Sep. 2008-Jun.2012Nanjing University Undergraduate of atmospheric sciences.
Work Experience
 Jul. 2018-currentNanjing University
School of atmospheric sciences
Research Scientist
Research Interests

   Aerosol-cloud-radiation interaction

           * Aerosol responses to emission reductions over China

           * Multi-scale variability of wildfires and wildfire-climate interactions

           * CMIP6 Model evaluations and observational constraint

Selected Publications

            1.       Yawen Liu, Wang Minghuai, Yue Man and Qian Yun. Distinct seasonality in aerosol responses to emission control over                                Northern China. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres: e2022JD038377

 2.Yawen Liu; Minghuai Wang*; Yun Qian; Aijun Ding ; A Strong Anthropogenic Black Carbon Forcing Constrained by Pollution Trends Over China, Geophysical Research Letters, 2022, 49(10)
 3.Yawen Liu; Yaman Liu; Minghuai Wang*; Xinyi Dong; Yiqi Zheng; Manish Shrivastava; Yun Qian; Heming Bai; Xiao Li; Xiu-Qun Yang; Anthropogenic-biogenic interaction amplifies warming from emission reduction over the southeastern US, Environmental Research Letters, 2021, 16(12)
 4.Xiao Li; Yawen Liu*; Minghuai Wang; Yiquan Jiang; Xinyi Dong; Assessment of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project phase 6 (CMIP6) Model performance in simulating the spatial- temporal variation of aerosol optical depth over Eastern Central China, Atmospheric Research, 2021, 261(15)
 5.Yawen Liu; Kai Zhang; Yun Qian*; Yuhang Wang; Yufei Zou; Yongjia Song; Hui Wan; Xiaohong Liu; Xiu-Qun Yang ; Investigation of short-term effective radiative forcing of fire aerosols over North America using nudged hindcast ensembles, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 2018, 18(1): 31-47
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